Z2000 ZFB30-35 Series (3.0-3.5T)

No longer available

Z2000 ZFB30-35 Series (3.0-3.5T)

Location:Banning, CA


Tailift is excited to announce the release of LITHIUM-ION battery-powered electric forklifts. An innovative solution designed to increase efficiency, lower charging time, and improve productivity! These zero-emission forklifts have a lifting capacity of 3,500~7,000 lbs and are available in 3 and 4-wheel models. Built specifically to meet the needs of warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. Multifunctional LCD instrument panel

A large and easy-to-read multifunctional LCD panel is ergonomically designed for the operator.

Hydraulic control – The ergonomic design of levers provides the perfect positions for the operator‘s hand without causing any extra stress.

– Multifunction armrests with F/R control lever make forward and reverse easier.

Electric minilever and joystick—Optional advanced hydraulics The Minilever and joystick with armrest are all new designs that give more comfort to the operator.