Electric Pallet Jack

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Electric Pallet Jack

Location:Banning, CA


The ePicker EPT15 Electric Pallet Jack was engineered to help keep your workflow safe and smart.  Personnel moving 1500 pounds a distance of 100 feet or more with a manual pallet jack can be exposed to the potential for serious injury. Why risk employee injury and downtime? ePicker offers a powered solution that is not only safer but available at just half the cost of other powered machines!  The unique easy exchange battery system on the ePicker EPT15 functions much like a common cordless hand tool.  The standard battery included can deliver more than three hours of continuous use--more than enough time to charge an optional extra battery and swap it in at any time.   Why pump, pull and strain when you can move more and hurt less with the ePicker Electric Pallet Jack EPT15?  It’s never been a better time to go electric!


Stock NumberEPT15
Weight450 lbs. with battery and charger (27x45 Standard)
Capacity3000 lbs.
Speed24-volt Curtis travel controller with infinitely variable speed control. Variable from 0 mph to 2.8 mph empty Variable from 0 mph to 2.5 mph loaded
Tires/wheels Drive 8.3” x 2.8” polyurethane Load (2) 2.9" x 3.5" polyurethane
Integral battery/charger(2) 12V 65AH maintenance free batteries with 110VAC 15A plug-in automatic charger