Tory EF66R-197 Electric Forklift

Tory EF66R-197 Electric Forklift

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Electric Forklift 197 in. Lifting with a 6600 lbs. Fully Battery-Powered Forklift

SKU: EF66R-197

The Tory Carrier Electric Forklift Truck is the perfect combination of performance and reliability for any material handling job. Whether you need to load up a truck or stock your storeroom or warehouse, this high-quality steel forklift can easily tackle it all! Durable drive components make rough terrain no problem, so feel confident about taking on even the most challenging jobs without worry. And its AC motors provide new performance, efficiency, and reliability levels to maximize your productivity and return on investment.

Key features

Rear wheel-driven design with stability, a small turning radius, and excellent pass-through abilities.

With a sideways battery moving system, battery charging is easy. Two lifting cylinders on both sides of the mast ensure good visibility and high stability.

The electric brake is used as the parking brake. It uses an AC motor without a brush and is free of maintenance. It is easy to operate and safe.

Hydraulic power steering is for light steering, having the function of steering priority.

All panels and covers are made of steel; they are of good durability.

Use a rubber wheel with good shockproofing and low noise, suitable for indoor and outdoor use on different ground.